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Essential Resources on Technology Planning, Leadership, and Managing Technology Changes

Technology strategy means the way you align technology decisions to your organization’s mission. It might include, for example: 

  • Principles, vision, or an overall approach to technology 
  • A description of your current and desired state 
  • A roadmap or a set of goals and actions to take 
  • IT architecture—a blueprint of the tools you use (or plan to use) and how they connect with each other 

Organizations with a strong technology strategy can explain how specific technology practices and investments either help or hinder their mission. They have a shared understanding of technology priorities and of how all the parts of the ecosystem work together.  

Governance refers to the set of practices and policies that say how technology ought to be used in your organization and who is responsible for what. Governance also includes monitoring and making course corrections to ensure your organization is acting responsibly and making the most of its opportunities when it comes to technology. 

Scroll through this section to explore, or jump to these topics:  

Discover Trends in Technology Strategy and Governance
Formulate a Technology Strategy and Create IT Policies
Secure Resources to Implement Your Strategy
Build Your Technology Leadership Skills
Get Help with Technology Strategy and Governance

Discover Trends in Technology Strategy and Governance

Technology can make the difference between a highly effective, resilient organization and a mediocre one. Are you ready to apply technology to your toughest problems? Now is the time for Tossing Out Stale Beliefs About Innovation and Overcoming the Obstacles to Innovation.

Curious about what other nonprofits are doing? These case studies tell stories from your peers: 

Formulate a Technology Strategy and Create IT Policies

Most of us don’t have the luxury of doing a comprehensive strategic plan for technology—but Tactical Technology Planning can accomplish a lot. This in-depth planning kit will help you assess and prioritize your needs and form a practical, actionable plan for improvements. Use it on your own or to enrich conversations with your IT service provider. 

It’s hard to prioritize technology projects without understanding their costs and benefits. And some of those costs and benefits are difficult to measure, especially things like social benefit and staff morale. Learn more in Are You Getting the Most for Your Technology Dollar? 

Then, use the Nonprofit Technology Policy Workbook and the Social Media Policy Workbook to create and update policies that balance protection for the organization with convenience for your staff.

Secure Resources to Implement Your Strategy

Once you have formed a technology plan, you’ll need to figure out how to pay for it. The Technology Pitch Kit is a companion piece that includes worksheets and a slide template for making the case for a technology investment to your boss, coworkers, board, or funders. 

When you’re ready to implement, the Nonprofit Guide to Successful Project Implementation and Tech Committees That Work (check Training Calendar for next course) can save you from costly missteps and help you reach your goals. 

Build Your Technology Leadership Skills

As a nonprofit leader, you can and must build your technical literacy and model the innovative spirit. Digital Skillsets: An Imperative for Today’s Nonprofit Leaders explains what skills you need and how to acquire them. 

Get Help with Tech Planning

Do you need an extra helping hand? Our experienced consultants can assist with planning, policy development, technology implementation, and tech-powered program design. Learn more about our Tech Planning Services.