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Cloud Services for Nonprofits

Work with a leading implementer of cloud services for nonprofit organizations.

Cloud solutions help nonprofits save money and improve collaboration and productivity. That is why Tech Impact has helped thousands of nonprofits with cloud planning, selection, and migration.

Whether it’s Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, or Box, our team of tech advisors can match your organization with the best cloud solution to meet your needs, select the right licensing option, and create a plan for a seamless migration and implementation.

Tech Impact provides the following cloud services:


Select the best cloud platform and access nonprofit licensing and features

Email migration
Email migration

Migrate from any existing system to improve collaboration and flexibility

File sharing and collaboration

We can customize your cloud storage space for your modern day teams

Communication & teamwork
Communication & teamwork

To work with internal and external users quickly and cost effectively


Office 365, G Suite, and Box nonprofit support for admins and users

Compliance & Security

Manage access and maintain compliance

Business Benefits of cloud services for nonprofits

With the right cloud solution, nonprofits can cut costs and improve collaboration.

  • –  Save money, decommission expensive onsite servers and get free to extremely discounted nonprofit licensing.
  • –  Work anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • –  Get the latest technology, including real-time tracking and multiple authoring for your board reports.
  • –  Collaborate with your volunteers with video conferencing and instant messaging. Work seamlessly across devices, like iPads and PCs.
  • –  Help finding a cloud solution that works for any nonprofit, from small organizations with tight budgets and simple needs to large organizations that work with sensitive information and have more complex needs.

Cloud platforms allow nonprofits to streamline processes, and will help you if:

  • –  You are trying to pull your nonprofit into the 21st century and modernize technology without breaking the bank.
  • –  You work with sensitive information and need to be compliant.
  • –  Your staff needs to be more mobile and flexible in how they work.
  • –  You need to increase collaboration and communication among staff or external stakeholders.
a chart with 4 quadrants titled Cloud Solutions for Nonprofits. quadrants are labeled Communicate, Cloud-Based Apps, File Storage, and Collaborate

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