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Our Donors & Partners

We’re thankful to our Donors and our Technology Partners for the role they play in helping us fulfill our mission.

Our Donors

Our donors make our business model possible. Their support allows us to take the high cost out of technology and pass the savings on to nonprofits.

In addition to monetary support, many of these donors also give the gift of their time.  They help us understand their grantees, give us access to emerging technologies, and help us deploy the types of technology that most businesses can only dream of.  They are our partners every step of the way.

If you would like to join these organizations in supporting Tech Impact, please contact us.

Our Partners


Microsoft Tech Impact works with Microsoft to help nonprofits integrate the technology solutions that Microsoft generously donates to the community and to develop custom solutions that leverage that technology to help nonprofits gain efficiency and effectiveness on the various Microsoft platforms.
Learn more about Microsoft Philanthropies and Office 365 for Nonprofits.


Tech Impact is proud to partner with TechSoup and the TechSoup Global Network. You can find our products and services in their catalog and we work together to provide capacity-building opportunities to nonprofits around the globe in the form of roadshows, webinars and content.
Learn More about Tech Soup